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The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has decided that they will not be proceeding with the chiropractic course at this time, citing the ongoing pandemic situation and associated financial restraints as the reasons.

We are naturally disappointed, but not surprised, as the effects of the pandemic have been deep in the university sector. However, we hope that UCLan will revisit this decision in the not-too-distant future; we stand ready to work with them and support them, as and when they wish to do so.

Dr. Ken Young, the Lead (designate) for Chiropractic at UCLan said: “The possibility of taking it up again in future years has not been ruled out and, as the course was approved last September, we have a viable curriculum that could be implemented with minimal effort, should conditions prove more favourable at another time.

“The good news is that chiropractic will continue to have a place at UCLan. I will be transferring over to the research team to keep working on the projects I initiated since the deferral of the course last year. I am excited for the opportunity to contribute in this new role and, there are educational projects that I will be exploring as well. I will also continue the other professional roles I have taken on since returning to the UK.

“Thank you for your support over the last 18 months in this unprecedented and challenging time. I look forward to continue working with you for the betterment of patients and students”.


Conference: Chiropractic Education Reimagined

14th April 2021

In our inaugural conference “Chiropractic Education Reimagined” our three speakers outlined the challenges we face and offer some solutions.

It is clear that we have a lot of work to do to not only to ensure that our services can be provided more widely but even to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.


It is hard enough to train undergraduates, but at Barcelona College of Chiropractic, Dr Adrian Wenban explains how they not only turn out top class graduates but offer the programme in both Spanish and English. He also offers chiropractic education operating in effectively a gated community on a global scale and implores us to show leadership and cultural competence.

Professor Lesley Haig and Dr Giles Hazan give insightful views as a non-chiropractors. Lesley states that although we have an important role in global healthcare, the words we use to describe ourselves and our lack of mainstream language and care frameworks hold us back. She stresses the importance of chiropractic programmes operating within public universities too.

Dr Giles Hazan has huge experience working with and training multidisciplinary MSK teams. He outlines how the workforce of the future will define their roles, develop new capabilities and prove their competence. He suggests that chiropractors have a role but we have to step up and participate in this process to be considered as part of mainstream multidisciplinary teams.



Society for Promoting Chiropractic Education (SPCE) has a mission to increase the awareness of chiropractic as a career at school level and encouraging universities to establish undergraduate programs. SPCE is a not for profit organisation supported by prominent members of the chiropractic profession and other lay individuals from the worlds of education, regulation and healthcare.”

Chiropractic is an independent healthcare discipline offering excellent career opportunities for young people, or more mature individuals looking for a change, who are thinking about a career in healthcare.

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SPCE – Leaders’ interviews

This is a series of interviews with leaders in the profession from across the world. The interviews will focus on the education and training of chiropractors as well as tackling wider issues relating to the profession.



SPCE launched on 16th November 2017 in London. A report and video links are here.

Gallery photos here


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