Our Plans & Goals

We are improving access to chiropractic care by increasing the numbers of chiropractors. We are achieving this by helping universities to establish more undergraduate programmes and by increasing awareness of chiropractic as a career in schools.

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Meet The Team

We are a not-for-profit organisation supported by prominent members of the chiropractic profession and other lay individuals from the worlds of education, regulation and healthcare.

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University Support

We support universities with consultancy, information and advice, in establishing these courses. Detailed business plans, course outlines and information about the chiropractic profession can give institutions the confidence they need to start new courses.

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The Society for Promoting Chiropractic Education


We are delighted to announce the establishment of a new undergraduate chiropractic programme at Coventry University

Statement from Coventry University

Coventry University is delighted to announce that it is developing a new integrated undergraduate chiropractic programme at Masters level (MChiro) which is hoped to be delivered from our Coventry campus, and the award winning Alison Gingell experiential-learning building. We will be seeking recognition of this proposed degree programme from the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and hope to be open for applications from 2024.

Coventry University’s Head of the School of Life Sciences, Dr Rebecca Butler, says “We offer a range of support services to students to ensure they get the absolute most out of their time with us and work hard to make sure that the teaching we provide can open the door to fantastic graduate job opportunities. Therefore, we are excited at the prospect of a musculoskeletal-focused program to join our portfolio to provide a route for students to enter the chiropractic profession in the Midlands”.

Dr Rebecca Butler
Head of School of Life Sciences


Statement from SPCE

SPCE LogoCoventry University enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of musculoskeletal health, boasting first-rate training and research facilities. It ranks 5th in health studies for UK universities.

Satjit Singh, Chief Executive of SPCE added: “We are delighted that Coventry University is developing a new chiropractic programme. It will be of immense benefit to students, especially in the Midlands, as well as help improve access to chiropractic care in the area. Students will enjoy a wonderful all-round experience, benefitting from their excellent campus and teaching facilities. We look forward to supporting Coventry University in developing the programme, which will meet the aspirations of the patients, profession and students”.

Satjit Singh
Chief Executive Officer


For chiropractic care to become available to everyone in the country we more training facilities, and those new courses need to be located across the country so that more students have access to chiropractic training.



What Are We Doing About It?

The Society for Promoting Chiropractic Education (SPCE) has a mission to achieve this through increasing the awareness of chiropractic as a career at school level and encouraging Universities to establish undergraduate programs to cater for this growing demand.

SPCE is a not for profit organisation supported by prominent members of the chiropractic profession and other lay individuals from the worlds of education, regulation and healthcare. With a good grasp of the issues that face the Chiropractic profession in the UK, and an ability to communicate with the decision makers, SPCE is well placed to promote Chiropractic as a career and support the development of new programs to train the next generation of Chiropractors.

University Support

Establishing a new programme relies on having the right staff. We help universities to identify current lecturers who can help. We also help identify and encourage suitable chiropractors to join university faculties to lead and teach on the programmes.

To support the placement model, we assist with developing ‘training practices’.

We work closely with the General Chiropractic Council, the Royal College of Chiropractors and universities, to develop and improve chiropractic education standards.

New courses need students to fill them. We work with chiropractors themselves to promote chiropractic as a career – including at school level.

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The Chiropractic Profession

The demand for Musculoskeletal (MSK) healthcare is huge and, with an ageing population, it is growing. It is the fourth largest area of spending in the NHS accounting for over £6 billion annually even without accounting for the impact on associated co-morbidities including obesity and depression. The economy loses 11.6 million working days each year. Every year 20% of the population consults a GP about an MSK disorder. The NHS is increasingly looking to chiropractors and osteopaths to cope with this demand.

Against that background, the chiropractic profession in the UK is a relatively small profession with a low growth rate. There are some 3,200 chiropractors on the GCC’s register. After accounting for foreign students returning home on graduation, as well as retirements from the profession, new graduates boost this figure by less than 100 annually.


As at April 2022

You Can Help Too!

SPCE is a not-for-for profit organisation and all of our people are volunteers. All the money we raise goes to our objective of increasing the number of chiropractors in the UK, Europe and further afield. You can help the chiropractic profession to a better future by giving even a small amount…

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Our Values



We will strive to do the right thing at all times


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in all we do

Patient focussed

Our deliverables will take into account, patients’ needs


We will work with our stakeholders to achieve the best results


We will strive always strive to use our resources efficiently


We support innovation in the design and delivery of chiropractors’ education and training

Delivering Our Strategic Aims


Expanding the number and geographical spread of universities offering chiropractic degrees

We identify and target potential universities offering multi-professional learning; these universities being located in areas, currently sparsely-served by the profession. We support universities with information and advice, in establishing these courses, identify and encouraging suitable chiropractors to join university faculties and assist with developing “training practices”, where appropriate.


Encourage more school leavers to opt for a career as a chiropractor

We develop presentation packs and careers materials for use in schools, recruit chiropractors in various parts of the country to deliver the presentations to school students, recruit schools in these areas, to participate in the programme and establish a follow-up service for students to raise queries/issues.


Work closely with the Regulator, Royal College and Universities, to drive up education standards

We work with our stakeholders to develop education standards that keep pace with the changing environment, especially with regard to technology and peoples’ work patterns, drive innovation e.g., expanding clinic placements where prudent to do so, as well as other innovative delivery methods and build stronger links between the profession and universities.