Conference Proceedings: Chiropractic Education Reimagined

In our inaugural conference “Chiropractic Education Reimagined” on 14th April 2021, our three speakers outlined the challenges we face and offer some solutions.

It is clear that we have a lot of work to do, not only to ensure that our services can be provided more widely but even to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.


It is hard enough to train undergraduates, but at Barcelona College of Chiropractic, Dr Adrian Wenban explains how they not only turn out top class graduates but offer the programme in both Spanish and English. He also offers chiropractic education operating in a gated community on a global scale and implores us to show leadership and cultural competence.

Professor Lesley Haig and Dr Giles Hazan give insightful views as a non-chiropractors. Lesley states that although we have an important role in global healthcare, the words we use to describe ourselves and our lack of mainstream language and care frameworks hold us back. She stresses the importance of chiropractic programmes operating within public universities too.

Dr Giles Hazan has huge experience working with and training multidisciplinary MSK teams. He outlines how the workforce of the future will define their roles, develop new capabilities and prove their competence. He suggests that chiropractors have a role but we have to step up and participate in this process to be considered as part of mainstream multidisciplinary teams.