The Society for Promoting Chiropractic Education

In order for chiropractic care to become available to everyone in the country there need to be more training facilities, and those new courses need to be located across the country so that more students have access to chiropractic training.

The Society for Promoting Chiropractic Education (SPCE) has two primary goals:


Encourage and support Universities as they establish undergraduate programs to cater for the growing demand for chiropractors.



Increasing the awareness of chiropractic as a career at school level.


The best names for organisations tell you exactly what they do, and the Society for Promoting Chiropractic Education (SPCE) is a prime example: we promote the education of chiropractors.

30 Years of Development

In the last 30 years chiropractic education has steadily developed from independent courses offering diplomas to courses offering undergraduate masters degrees in Chiropractic, accredited at University level, and the development of The Royal College of Chiropractors.  This has lifted the undergraduate and postgraduate education standards of the Chiropractic profession in this country and therefore improved the service that patients can expect when they visit a Chiropractor.  As a result more patients are receiving the benefits of Chiropractic care, and the role that Chiropractic can play in the healthcare of the nation is receiving greater recognition.

The Opportunity

chiropractic training courseThis commitment to ever improving standards is fantastic, but in order for it to continue there is a need to recruit and train more Chiropractors.  The existing courses are well subscribed and this has resulted in the profession being very well represented in the geographical areas near to where the courses are located.

Chiropractic is an independent healthcare discipline offering excellent career opportunities for young people, or more mature individuals looking for a change, who are thinking about a career in healthcare.  It offers a job with diagnostic autonomy and control of the treatment program of the patient, the opportunity to run a small business and remuneration that matches the other graduate professions such as law and medicine.

There are also increasing opportunities to follow a career as an academic as more universities get involved in training Chiropractors.  By increasing the awareness of chiropractic as a career in the minds of school leavers SPCE hopes to encourage the growth of the profession across the United Kingdom and therefor increase the number of patients receiving chiropractic care and the knock-on improvement in the nation’s health.

SPCE is also committed to supporting the Royal College of Chiropractors and the General Chiropractic Council in their ambition to support the continuing professional development (CPD) of the profession, in particular in the early years after graduation when habits and styles of practice are most easily influenced and established; this will be achieved by establishing and fostering good communication between the training establishments and the profession so that new graduates are properly prepared for their chosen career.

SPCE is a not for profit organisation supported by prominent members of the chiropractic profession and other lay individuals from the worlds of education regulation and healthcare.  With a good grasp of the issues that face the Chiropractic profession in the UK, and an ability to communicate with the decision makers, SPCE is well placed to promote Chiropractic as a career and support the development of new programs to train the next generation of Chiropractors.