Binawan University, Jakarta to open new chiropractic programme

A new and innovative chiropractic programme is to open in the far east, an area with very few training courses. Binawan University is to run a BSc in chiropractic followed by a Masters programme.  The Masters is to be run by Macquarie University in Australia so students will have a year abroad to complete their studies.

The Binawan Institute of Health Sciences runs programmes in physiotherapy, nursing, occupational health and midwifery amongst others and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Macquarie University. This multidisciplinary training model in an established university is an attractive proposition for the training of chiropractors as it breaks down barriers between professions as well as offering a cost effective solution for education.

Sharing teaching facilities in different countries is an innovative way to get a chiropractic programme off the ground where facilities and teaching staff may not exist locally. Binawan University has a good track record of providing undergraduate education in several health disciplines but Indonesia has few chiropractors so recruiting chiropractic faculty staff would be challenging. Macquarie has significant experience running chiropractic courses and will be assisting Binawan where appropriate.