University Support

SPCE is helping to expand the number and geographical spread of universities offering chiropractic degrees. We support universities with consultancy, information and advice, in establishing these courses. Detailed business plans, course outlines and information about the chiropractic profession can give institutions the confidence they need to start new courses.

Establishing New Courses

We identify and target universities that we believe would benefit from offering Chiropractic education. Typically these universities are located in areas that are currently sparsely-served by the profession. We supporting universities with information and advice, as they establish chiropractic courses.

Establishing a new programme relies on having the right staff. Universities with existing health courses will already have a number of lecturers in, for example, the basic sciences, who can help delivery. Indeed, we encourage different professions to integrate their training to promote understanding of broader healthcare. We also help identify and encourage suitable chiropractors to join university faculties to lead and teach on the programmes.

Chiropractic Support for Universities

Chiropractic studentsWe support the placement model of training common in other health professions. Here, we shall assist with developing ‘training practices’. Such innovation in chiropractic training is important to us too. We are also keen to develop other innovative delivery methods. Building stronger links between the profession and universities will be a part of these initiatives.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We work closely with the General Chiropractic Council, the Royal College of Chiropractors and universities, to drive up education standards. This means that we shall help develop education standards that keep pace with the changing environment, especially with regard to technology and peoples’ work patterns. Where appropriate, we assist with developing ‘training practices’ for universities.

Helping to Fill Courses

New courses need students to fill them. We work with chiropractors themselves to promote chiropractic as a career – including at school level. They can do this by approaching schools, offering talks, clinic visits and other outreach activities.

There are chiropractors who are already doing this and making a large impact. The students are eager to hear about new career options they might not have considered before. A new network of young chiropractors has been set up by SPCE for just this purpose.

There is an urgent need for more chiropractors to be active in this area though because chiropractic education is so important to the future of the profession.

Next steps

If you are considering offering chiropractic education at your university, contact us now () to see if we can help.