New report promotes exercise in medical school curricula

Embedding physical activity in the undergraduate healthcare curriculum is an important step to building capacity in the future workforce to promote physical activity. A health professional may see half a million patients over a career so encouraging exercise can have a significant impact on health.

Fewer than half of adults engage in the recommend levels of physical activity. There is a need to ensure that health professionals are equipped to deal with this challenge, whether through being skilled in brief counselling techniques or prescription of physical activity programmes to those most at risk. It is essential to include contents of physical activity promotion as part of the curriculum for all health professionals, with the collaboration of national and international organisations, health education institutions and health-care providers.

Chiropractors regularly recommend exercises programmes as part of the package of care. This new report promotes physical activity in all healthcare
undergraduate curricula in England for the benefit of patients.


Embedding physical activity in the undergraduate curriculum – Executive Summary